Develop strategies to end insecurity, NANS tells Buhari, to governments


The Nigerian National Student Association on Friday advised the government of President Major Muhammadu Buhari (retired) and state governors to develop strategies to end growing insecurity in the country.

NANS said the wave of killings and dismantling of police stations was terrifying, added the masses were going through difficult times.

NANS national public relations manager Victor Ezenagu at a press conference in Owerri said things were turning to the extreme.

He said: “It is no longer hidden that insecurity in Nigeria has worsened as in most parts of the country Nigerians are left to fend for themselves when faced with attacks involving their lives. life threatening or an invasion of terrorists, how far can we go as a nation?

“In the book that sums up the social contract between government and people – the constitution, the first obligation of government is to protect lives and property. If a government can’t deliver that, then your guess is as good as mine.

“Therefore, it is time for government at all levels to become more proactive in designing ways and strategies to protect common Nigerians, ensure legislation people-centered policies, evenly distribute resources and democratic dividends. , engage adequate and competent hands while avoiding nepotism, tribalism and religious sentiments in order to stop these insecurities and induct unity because the country has never been so divided since the history of our current democracy.

He also condemned the attacks on various public and private institutions in the country, while sympathizing with the families of the victims.

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