Grand Theft Auto: 10 Ways GTA 6 Can Improve GTA Online

With the release of GTA V in 2013, GTA online was simultaneously available to players. The distinct gameplay experience takes place in the same fictional world of Los Santos and features additional missions, heists and vehicles. With next-gen consoles now over a year old, gamers are waiting for the next GTA title to have faster load times, improved graphics, and an improved online experience.

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A recent tweet from Rockstar confirms that the next entry in the series is in development. Their public announcement also states: “WWith each new project, our goal is to go considerably beyond what we have already achieved.” Not only are fans excited to hear the confirmation, but they also expect the next online title to be an improvement over the last and to include some exciting new features.

ten Character customization and legacy could go further

GTA Online Character Creation Screen

Customize your character’s physical appearance in GTA online is a unique feature that was not included in previous versions GTA securities. Players start by choosing their character’s heritage, including grandparents and resemblance to parents, before deciding on the main characteristics. Heritage options include familiar faces such as Niko, Claude and John Marston from the Red Dead Redemption franchise.

the sims– Influenced crafting system might go further in next version and incorporate inherited traits or family bonuses. These could include leniency from the police due to a relative being on the force or discounted weapons because a dangerous relative is a regular customer. These parenting stories might even be referenced in the next entry’s single-player mode.

9 Territory Wars should be part of the online experience

GTA SA Rival Gang Wars

Players were introduced to Territory Wars in GTA San Andreas, where players would invade the territories of rival gangs and attempt to occupy every neighborhood in Los Santos. Although NPC gangs exist in GTA online, they usually only attack if a player has harmed them or refuses to leave after being threatened. If these groups of NPCs had a purpose, like defending their territory or avenging their comrades, turf wars might become more important.

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Although GTA online has crews and organizations, mixing players with in-game gangs could launch a series of unique missions. Players can fight alongside NPCs in side missions and join the same gang as their friends to strategically plan territorial takeovers or hideout attacks.

8 Customizing the house is something GTA fans have dreamed of

GTA Online Customization Agency

Own a house in GTA online is practically essential. Having a safe area to take a break is handy, and a place to store all of a player’s vehicles is crucial. But beyond choosing a home they like the look of, there’s not much freedom when it comes to changing aspects of their virtual abode.

The option for players to redecorate their homes is one of many GTA that fans have dreamed of. Buying additional appliances, painting the walls, or upgrading the furniture are things that would add an exciting new dynamic to the online look. With some remote properties, there might even be the ability to extend GTA houses and add to the overall size and value of the property.

7 The GTA property ladder is an exciting concept


Unlike cars, once a property has been purchased in GTA online, it cannot be sold – only traded. If this feature was enabled, players could invest their profit in a new wardrobe, another vehicle, or a better residence. After some home improvements, players could also earn money on the GTA real estate scale by selling renovated homes.

Earning virtual money can sometimes be repetitive and time-consuming, so giving players more earning options would be a step in the right direction. By selling their house to The Bank of Liberty or trading with players online during their session, players will have another way to generate income.

6 Modified melee weapons would lead to hilarious game modes

GTA Online morning star mod

In Ammu-Nation, players can stock up on cartridges and equip their firearms with flashlights, suppressors, and scopes. However, aside from choosing a tint and performance-enhancing rounds, that’s really where the level of weapon modding ends. With that in mind, at the risk of going beyond gun mods, Rockstar could explore custom melee weapons further.

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If workbenches were incorporated, players could modify melee weapons with items they find or earn on their travels. Players can already enter various shops in GTA onlineand if they could purchase inventory items such as barbed wire or nails, it would open up a world of in-game melee modifications that would also encourage some hilarious game modes.

5 Different currencies will add a new layer to the game

GTA V LCN Actions

If the next title is set to the United States, the currency will be dollars, and if Vice City is the epicenter, the map may expand into Mexico and include pesos. Cryptocurrency could also be brought into the online world for money laundering missions or to purchase specific items on the black market.

During online missions, players could be rewarded with a bitcoin equivalent or given the option to choose the currency in which they wish to receive payment. If the stock market remains, players should also be able to trade currencies. When certain events take place during a gaming session, such as a recent bank robbery, seeing the stock market change accordingly online would make in-game trading more realistic.

4 An airport to travel on different maps

GTA Online Airport Security Concept

A working airport where players can quickly fly around the map without diverting the plane could be a key feature. Rockstar’s next entry will likely have an even larger map than its predecessors, which may even expand over time. Taking an AI-controlled flight to other areas might also be the only way to get to certain locations.

Instead of being seated during the trip, like in a taxi, online players could be transported to another map and join a different game session once they boarded the plane. The interior of the airport could also be explored with ways to bypass security with players’ weapons, allowing them to carry them and other prohibited items on their travels.

3 Random events would shake things up

Lightning from GTA Online

An online world with more dangers between players and the environment would make every gaming session different. the GTA The franchise has included hostile wild animals, but more PvE dangers should exist in the upcoming online experience. Heavy rain and occasional thunder and lightning are currently the most extreme weather conditions online gamers will encounter.

Hurricanes and tornadoes would make missions and races more difficult and create additional hazards such as high winds and choppy debris. Random earthquakes could also occur causing fires and tsunamis around the map. Some online aspects might even change seasonally, such as zombie citizens during Halloween.

2 More online hobbies and interests to keep gamers entertained

GTA Online Golf

Throughout the franchise, players have participated in various hobbies and pastimes. In GTA IVplayers could take part in bowling and billiards while GTA San Andreas introduces players to basketball. These unique activities were not included in the last title, and Rockstar should consider the most popular pastimes for its next online entry.

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In GTA V, players can participate in triathlons. However, this difficult pastime that players might want to try with friends is not available in GTA online. The franchise’s next online title might even bring new hobbies to the table such as skateboarding, fishing, or parkour.

1 A stronger military presence would give players more weapons

GTA Online Naval Mod

Something the series has been missing for some time is a military chase when a player’s crime level is maxed out. Maybe it’s because it’s not realistic for the army or the navy to get involved. However, if a player wreaks havoc downtown in a tank, the military could be called in and, in that case, fight fire with fire to quickly neutralize the online threat.

In naval or offshore bases, having frigates or naval destroyers that can be hijacked would give players powerful military weapons to use against the law and hostile players. A battleship-style game mode could also be introduced here, allowing players to experience the war at sea in the GTA universe.

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