Pikmin Bloom Co-op Challenge Mushrooms Should Open Earlier


Pikmin Bloom has been available worldwide for the past few weeks, giving players time to wander around their quarters, pick Pikmin, and spread flowers. Nintendo-themed Niantic’s second AR game is enjoyable and serves more as an exercise tool than other companies like Pokémon GO, but accordingly Pikmin Bloom misses a lot of the group challenges that make his contemporaries attractive. However, players will unlock a cooperative activity at level 15: challenges.

The Pikmin in their original games have a few key characteristics. They are sentient plant-like beings with color-coded abilities who are plucked from the ground, can grow flowers over time or by drinking nectar, and, as a collective, are able to lift heavy objects or to overcome obstacles and enemies. Pikmin Bloomthe first few hours of s focus more on the earlier elements; grow Pikmin, feed them nectar, and transport items. The challenges provide a window into the combat mechanics that don’t break up the more laid-back nature of the game, it’s just a shame that players need to invest so much to unlock this system given its merits. Pikmin Bloom come out.


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Unlock Pikmin Bloom’s mushroom challenges

As mentioned earlier, challenges unlock once per Pikmin Bloom the player reaches level 15. Each level up requires certain criteria, often a combination of growing Pikmin and walking a specific number of steps – although some levels also serve as tutorials for mechanics like expeditions. Expeditions are a single-player activity in which players send their Pikmin to collect items discovered while on a walk. The only real cooperative thing in Pikmin Bloom until level 14, plant flowers with other players, which is like planting flowers alone, but with multiple Miis jumping together.

After reaching level 15, mushrooms appear all over the world map in key locations (like Pikmin Bloom‘s Big Flowers or equivalents such as Pokémon GO‘s PokeStops and Gyms). At a certain distance from these clusters, players can send their Pikmin to eliminate them, much like Spotcaps and Kingcaps in Pikmin 3 Deluxe. The number and strength of the Pikmin sent out determines how quickly the challenge is completed, but it doesn’t matter what it offers as a reward.

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Three challenges can be overcome every day in Pikmin Bloom, with players able to receive up to three (or secretly four) stars depending on how quickly the fungi are eliminated. The rewards are special postcards that include the results of the challenge, which can be redeemed with friends just like any other; as well as fruits that become nectar for unique flower types. Up to five players at a time can participate in a given challenge, mushroom clusters periodically reappear and Pikmin Bloom‘Help’ page states that users can weigh the odds in their favor by using Pikmin with specific colors, flowers, and those with higher friendship values ​​and decor.

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Pikmin Bloom’s challenges appear too late

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It is not quite fair to compare Pikmin Bloom with Pokémon GO given that they have different intentions as “games”, but Pokémon GOThe Gym model is a good way to demonstrate why Pikmin Bloomthe challenges collapse. Pokémon GO players can take on Gyms as soon as they reach level 5, which gives them the opportunity to claim lands that represent their team (Mystic, Valor, or Instinct), and ultimately serves as a clear reason why it’s important to train powerful Pokémon.

Pikmin BloomMushroom challenges are similar in many ways, as they encourage a community of players to come together and complete objectives which become easier by “training” Pikmin through other systems like Expeditions. contrary to Pokémon GO‘s Gyms, challenges in Pikmin Bloom are friendlier to the more exercise-oriented gaming audience, as Pikmin can be left behind to work independently.

It would make sense for challenges like mushrooms to appear earlier in the game. While starting at level 15 gives players the chance to have stronger Pikmin from the start, it delays access to a collective mechanic showcase. of the game with rewards that benefit other systems like rare nectars, not to mention all future higher levels allowing players to send more Pikmin in challenges and improve their chances. Niantic suggests there will be more than mushrooms, and it’s easy to imagine Pikmin BloomThe equivalent of Legendary Pokémon encounters being a battle of David and Goliath against monsters like Bulborbs. Hopefully the game is able to hold that landing, although it may have helped some players stay invested longer if they had seen this possibility earlier.

Pikmin Bloom is now available on Android and iOS devices.

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