Willie Tan explains how businesses can strategize into the new normal


OutSystems Senior Solutions Architect is one of the speakers at the Accelerating Digital Innovation and Resilience seminar during the New Normal and Beyond webinar.

Willie Tan, Senior Solutions Architect at OutSystems, is an experienced IT practitioner who has worked in the IT industry for over 15 years. In addition, Willie has extensive experience in computer software and a deep understanding of the Asia-Pacific IT landscape.

As an enterprise architect for large organizations such as GovTech Singapore, DBS, NCS, Accenture and Fujitsu, he provided Willie with a solid IT foundation and professional practice in government, insurance, banking and finance.

Today, Willie plays an important role in OutSystems as a solutions architect. He works closely with clients to ensure OutSystems aligns with the roadmaps established by enterprise architecture teams and adheres to the best enterprise architecture principles.

Often, the models and advice he develops become reusable in a larger enterprise architecture context by various companies.

Willie is one of the speakers on the Accelerating Digital Innovation and Resilience webinar during the New Normal and Beyond webinar. In an interview with Singapore Business Review, he shares his ideas on how businesses can develop new strategies for business success.

What are the trends and changes in the Asia-Pacific digital landscape in recent months? What changes have you observed since the pandemic?

Organizations are in 2 really obvious spectra:

– Survival State – Digitally Transform to derive new business models to keep pace with the expected digital footprint of partners and customers. This is not effective in differentiating from more advanced competitors, but it will do the trick for now.

– Opportunistic mode – For larger and more agile digital companies, they would already be on BAU and therefore now focused on investment, leading to execute new capabilities in the future. while other companies try to go digital, they strive to differentiate themselves when the going gets tough

How do you think companies can develop new strategies for business success? What challenges should they prepare for and how can they overcome them?

I can’t say much about business strategies, but from a technical footprint perspective, it’s still important to focus on customer and organization adaptability. Driving products and services to meet customers is always important, but the typical challenges come from market demand and the competitive landscape which results in fierce competition for organizations to follow and differentiate themselves. These both require organizational agility and would benefit from building the appropriate technical architecture to reduce the technical debts you start to accumulate. Choosing the right platform, to give you all this technical information and architectural flexibility would be essential, but we must not forget that we also cannot spend too much time on it, otherwise the need would have passed and you will start taking late. So we are looking for a low code with enterprise level qualities that also gives you full control over the right architectural design.

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